The Pros and Cons of ADHD


What You Need to Know ADHD Cons (the bad stuff) Here are the cons of having ADHD: Con 1. Extreme disinterest in most daily tasks When someone with ADHD doesn’t want to perform a certain task, they aren’t actually being lazy most of the time. This is actually a “disconnect” that happens in the brains of people with […]

10 Step Rough Day Remedy

I recently had an absolute sh*t day. A total meltdown. I had negative thoughts about everything, and the lunatic voice I share my brain with was having a great day. Thoughts that started out mildly negative quickly turned into catastrophic events in my imagination. Then my self-discipline decided to leave the party, allowing me to […]

Focus on what you can control.

Start with Your Health First Your health will determine your ability to succeed in every other area of life. Without a healthy and energetic body, you will never be able to succeed at the highest levels. Your ADHD brain needs to be operating at maximum efficiency. To do that it must be supported by a […]

How to Finish What You Start!

Unfinished courses, empty journals, unused gym membership, unfulfilled personal goals, half-finished blogs or book, incomplete pet projects, zero savings, and still working in an uninspiring position or career. Why? Technically it’s called the Construal Level Theory Basically, it says that the journey from your imagination to physical reality must go through the jungle of reality! […]

9 Steps to Overcome Problems

Want a Problem-Free Life? Easy, just stop breathing! Your problems are one of your greatest resources. They are what force you to change, adapt and grow. Even if you don’t want to! As a lifelong ADHDer, I have struggled with problems just like you. I tend to catastrophise the problem and allow my emotions to […]

6 Steps to Develop Mental Strength to Master your ADHD Mind

Mastering your mind is vital for you to lead an exciting and successful life. Everyone struggles with this challenge. Your ADHD brain makes it most interesting. Your continuous search for dopamine rewards often leads to erratic behaviour that is not good for your long-term dreams and goals Your ADHD mind is extremely powerful and will […]

ADHD in High-Functioning Adults

A perplexing paradox. What Is ADHD? Find counselling to overcome ADHD KEY POINTS High-functioning adults represent a unique sub-group of adults with ADHD who face their own unique challenges. ADHD can co-exist with high intelligence but still make many life endeavors, including work, more difficult to navigate. Successful adults with ADHD cite energy, cognitive dynamism, […]

Does your ADHD brain self-sabotage your life?

As I grew up, I was constantly told how useless I was. I didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. Combined with my ADHD need for excitement to stimulate my brain, my behaviour was not normal and, therefore, unacceptable or good enough. Over the years, this ongoing criticism negatively impacted my self-esteem and self-confidence. I unknowingly […]

Why are your thoughts so important, these voices in your head?

The power of our thoughts and their quality will lead to our decisions, habits, and behavior. This will ultimately lead to us achieving (or not achieving) our goals. Your thoughts have the power that works for or against you. Everything created started as a thought in someone’s mind, the good, the bad, and the ugly. […]

7 Steps to Celebrate your ADHD ‘difference’

1. Stop trying to conform to how other people think you should behave. Be true to yourself and your ADHD traits, be kind to yourself and others. However, you must live your life to capitalize on your strengths and be consistent in how you do things. This will help build your self-confidence. You don’t need […]