Unfinished courses, empty journals, unused gym membership, unfulfilled personal goals, half-finished blogs or book, incomplete pet projects, zero savings, and still working in an uninspiring position or career.

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Why? Technically it’s called the Construal Level Theory

Basically, it says that the journey from your imagination to physical reality must go through the jungle of reality!

There are three unavoidable stages from imagination to completion.

State 1 Imagination

You start with an unrestrained vision of your future career, financial wealth, amazing health, new identity, and exciting life. Whatever you can come up with starts here. The emotions that accompany these goals and visions are addictive and provide powerful motivation. All very normal responses to the bright shiny objects to be achieved in the future.

At this point, there are no obstacles or challenges to overcome. You live in the exciting expectations without having to put any effort into their achievement. Your ADHD mind can run wild with dopamine flooding your brain. Your executive function is on holiday without pay, and you feel like you can’t fail. We all love this stage!

Stage 2 Jungle of Reality

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The goal now moves from the future mode to the now mode. From fantasy to reality. You must make your way through the reality jungle. As you become aware of the gritty details, the necessary work starts, and the obstacles and challenges are a lot harder and tougher than you imagined. All the fun and excitement have gone. It is not as glamorous as you had imagined.

Beware, the jungle is full of fears, doubts, confusion, work, procrastination, loneliness, and anxiety, to name a few. All waiting their turn to take you out of the game.

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You thought writing the book was a challenge. Now you must deal with publishing it, marketing and distribution and all the social media platforms. It has grown into a complex monster. You start to question everything. Is it worth the effort? Is it really that important to you? Do you have the ability to complete this project successfully?

This is where most people will quit and head off on another fantasy island holiday. Your ADHD brain goes looking for the next bright shiny object, thinking it will be the RIGHT one, that will inevitably lead them back through the same jungle of reality.

Understand that any worthwhile goal is supposed to be challenging and difficult. It is meant to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. As Jim Rohn says, “don’t wish it was easier; wish you very better”.

Stage 3 Pay the Price

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Everyone who succeeds has paid the price to achieve their goals and dreams. You reap what you sow.

You will have to defeat uncertainty, doubt and fear. You have to change, adapt, and build mental strength, courage and emotional control to achieve your chosen goals. It won’t be easier or quicker if you stop and start again on a different goal, so keep going! You must persist, overcoming the powerful urge to quit.

Learn to control your thoughts, which will help control your emotions and actions.

The jungle of reality has claimed more goals and projects than any cause or circumstance. Few persevere long enough to reap the rewards.

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“Every day is different, and some days are better than others, but no matter how challenging the day, I get up and live it”   Muhammad Ali