Every day you impact the world around you. Is it positive or negative? Are you optimistic about your life and future?

You are hardwired to grow and to help others. It is a part of what it means to be human. It causes people to volunteer or dedicate their lives to something greater than themselves.

Every time you change just one person’s world, you’re starting a butterfly effect with the potential to improve lives for generations to come. But meaningful or effective change isn’t always instant nor is it large-scale. Real impact can take months or years, and making the world a better place often means bettering it for a few people at a time.

butterfly effect

Your ADHD brain has given you some extraordinary skills. It is your responsibility to learn how to capitalise on them and make this world a better place for yourself, this generation and those that follow.

Your prehistoric ancestors used their ADHD brains and were the hunters who cared for the tribe. They used their impulsivity, unrelenting curiosity and hyperactivity to remain calm in a crisis. It is the reason why the rest of the world exists today. The world needs your help. Start small; think big.