1. Stop trying to conform to how other people think you should behave.

Be true to yourself and your ADHD traits, be kind to yourself and others. However, you must live your life to capitalize on your strengths and be consistent in how you do things. This will help build your self-confidence.

You don’t need harsh and misguided feedback from neurotypical people who have zero understanding of your challenges and abilities.

difference is beautiful

You need to give yourself positive feedback for small and large achievements and encourage yourself with regular positive thoughts that reinforce your self-worth and self-confidence

Just because you feel and do things differently doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it’s just different.

Be your best supporter and stay positive as you work out how to benefit from your different abilities. Don’t condemn them. They are part of what makes you unique. Believe you are a good person!

Don’t criticize yourself for things that are impossible for your ADHD brain to accomplish.

Allowing yourself to be ‘different’ is critical to your success and happiness.

Happy ADHD Difference

Live outside the lines of conformity that strangle your natural creativity. Find a way to let your ‘different’ shine through the fog of convention and create a life that works for you.

“The opposite of courage is conformity.”

2. Be totally honest with yourself and those closest to you. Some relationships will thrive, and some will move on in their journey and that’s to the benefit of all.

Spend time with those that accept and support you and allow others to live a life that suits them.

3. You are here to create ‘different’ value and contribution!

Take immediate action and trust it’s moving you closer to your major pre-selected goal.

4. Train your subconscious mind to work for you! Learn to control and cultivate your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind has stored all your life’s stories and has given all your life experiences meaning.

However, the meanings are not necessarily correct, and this limits your view of reality and what’s possible in your world. Control your inner conversation.  Don’t talk sh*t to your subconscious, it is always listening. Stop poisoning your mind!

Impress your subconscious mind with empowering and uplifting thoughts

upligting thoughts ADHD Difference

5. Your ADHD imagination creates stories that can be either positive or negative.

Cultivate positive stories. Imagine your goals already achieved. How would you feel? How would you attack the day? How much energy would you have? Use your imagination to power you forward.

6. Don’t rely our life on others to make things interesting.

Be proactive and take the first step to engage your powerful talents and abilities. Challenge yourself to improve your personal best on any variety of things and then give yourself an appropriate reward. If your ADHD brain is bored create a sense of urgency, develop enlightened self-interest. Set your own deadlines where none exist to develop and use your natural skills & abilities.

7. Always be kind, and respect yourself and others.

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